Tulum Guide

If I could use one word to describe Tulum it would be R E L A X I N G! Tulum was exactly what I expected and more. A beautiful town filled with positive energy and beautiful boho decor everywhere I turned. If you are into aesthetics this is the place for you. After 4 days in Tulum, I had fallen in love with their food, people and culture. Exactly what my soul needed.

We arrived on Friday morning, (we live in Miami so it was only a two hour flight for us). We had arranged a private car transfer from Cancun airpot to Tulum. We booked our transport from/to the airport before hand from this website. This was one of my biggest worries, I did not want to have to figure that out there. Maybe not the cheapest option, but totally worth it. We didn’t share this ride with anyone and the driver took us straight to our hotel.

Sure, Tulum is filled with beautiful eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing hotels, but I had only one thing in mind, AC!! There was no way Nelson was going to sleep without AC for 4 days. After extensive research we decided to stay at Delek Tulum, and this my friends… was the best decision we ever made. Located right in the middle of town, walking distance to Gitano, Mur Mur, Matcha Mama and all the other good restaurants you see on every Tulum guide. Also nothing beats waking up on what feels like a treehouse in the middle of the jungle two seconds from the beach.

On Saturday we decided to take a day trip to Chichen Itza (2 hours away) also arranged by our hotel. This had a cost of 300 dollars for two. The driver took us to Chichen Itza and to Suytun Cenote. You can find this online for a lot less. Considering my health, we figured this was a better option for us.

Places we visited in Tulum.

Mur Mur- Went here for drinks on Friday night. Sat on the swings at the bar and had cocktails. Wished we would of had dinner here.

Gitano- Went here for early dinner. Food was ok, not my favorite. Ambiance was nice and they had live music. Supposedly they have a very good party that starts at 10pm.

Casa Malca- We had a buffet style breakfast here and it was pretty basic (food wise), the view is what you go to Tulum for. We were able to walk around the property and took tons of pictures.

Kin Toh- MAKE A RESERVATION! Can’t stress it enough. There was a line when we arrived, which we skipped because we had a reservation. It’s a beautiful place, food is delicious and service is good. My only complain is the HEAT. We went here at sunset time and it was so hot. We lasted 30 minutes and had to leave.

Coco Tulum- I am sure you have seen this one all over instagram. I was not impressed. We visited on a Monday and the place was dead.

Habitas Tulum- This hotel is absolutely gorgeous. I really wanted to stay here but Nelson was not a fan of the tents. We only had drinks at the bar but it was one of the best drinks we had on the trip. They also have a pool which you can use for a minimum consumption of around $75.

Ana & Jose- Went to their restaurant for late lunch. Had the cochinita tacos and meat nachos. We loved it here.

Matcha Mama- It is as cute as they say and their smoothies live up to the hype. Have to pay extra for a to go cup, but I was not mad about it.

Raw love- I really wanted to love this place but I was a bit disappointed. Matcha Mama was better in my opinion.

Tate Wari- Restaurant in our hotel, I might be biased but the best breakfast we had.

Ahau Tulum- BEST BEACH CLUB! I loved everything about this place! Very chill vibe with live music and great food.

And because you know I love coffee I recommend heading into the main town for a yummy coffee and some shopping. We visited two different coffee shops Babel Cafe Tulum and Del Cielo. Del Cielo is very cute and trendy but Babel’s coffee is 10 times better.

Hope you make it to Tulum this summer! You will not regret it. It has been one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken!



Must Visit Restaurants in Boston

One of the best things about Boston was the FOOD. They have so many amazing restaurants I did not stop eating. Here are all the restaurants we visited and loved.


Bootleg Special: Can’t tell you enough about this restaurant. I felt like I was in New Orleans so much southern charm. We walked in right when they opened and the food was so fresh! Their small plates selections is great for sharing and for people who can never decide what they want like me lol! 

Aquitaine: This french style restaurant is a must! Their Saturday brunch was amazing! I was so happy to start the day here! My hubby swears by the duck plate you must try it.

Southern Proper: I love restaurants that pay as much attention to their decor as they do to the flavor of their food! This place has it all! 

Tatte Bakery: You will find these all around the city! Breakfast is amazing here and they have the best selection of pastries. We visited the one in Harvard square and the location on Pier Four.

Kura:  A Peruvian-Japanese-Chinese restaurant located in the Godfrey hotel were we stayed. If you ever visit, make sure to order a pisco sour, and the chicken fried rice. SO GOOD!

North Square Oyster: If you like oyster this is the place to go. Small and cozy restaurant with amazing food!

 Grancenote Coffee Shop: Hands down the best coffee in Boston! This is a small coffee shop! No tables just a stand up bar but so worth it for an afternoon pick me up! 

Hope you guys enjoy and if you plan on going let me know if you visit any of these places! 



Day Trip to Cinque Terre from Milan

When I began to plan my trip to Italy I knew I wanted to visit Cinque Terre. I was going to be spending 6 days in Milan and wanted to take a day trip from there. At first I was debating on a guided tour but after some research I decided to do it on our own. I was concerned a day was not enough to see all that I wanted to see and do. But yes it can be done, in fact it was all I needed to experience the beauty of Cinque Terre, we even had a chance to lay by the beach and get in the water!

How to get there from Milan: Cinque Terre is only about 3 1/2 hrs by train from Milan, we decided to take the very first train (6:10am) from Milano Centrale to Monterosso. We purchased a roundtrip first class ticket online from the Italia Rail website. They will send you the tickets by email which I recommend printing in case they do not accept electronic tickets. For the return we took the train departing Monterosso at 6:54pm arriving in Milano Centrale at 9:54pm. Yes, this is a long day trip but totally worth it.

Cinque Terre is composed of 5 beautiful seaside villages Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. For this day trip we spent about 1hr-2hrs in each town and decided to start the town hopping at Monterosso and skipped Corniglia . We were amongst the first batch of tourist to arrive in Monterosso which was really nice because it allowed us to walk the old part of town without the big crowds. BE AWARE, they get extremely busy during the summer. After snapping some pictures and drinking some lemonade we decided to head over to the farther village, Riomaggiore.

Cinque Terre Card: We purchased a Cinque Terre train card at about 12 euros per person at the Monterosso station in order to hop from village to village by train. You can also hike the trails but this will probably be very hard in one day. The train takes literally 2-3 minutes from village to village and they pass every 30 minutes.

Once we arrived to Riomaggiore we headed straight towards the marine in order to see the colorful town from the water. It was so crowded here that we decided to snap a few pictures and head over to the next town.

We took the train from Riomaggiore to Manarola. Once arrived in Manarola we walked through the town towards the water. Head to the right side of the village to see the stunning views of the city from the ocean. In this area you will also find the famous Nessun Dorma restaurant. Although they had a big line it was totally worth the wait. So delicious and nothing could beat the view.

After lunch we headed to Vernezza. We walked through the main street towards the beach and sat by the the water. After some time people watching we headed towards the trail to see the town from the top. You will find the stairs to the trails on the right side of the village. Walk the trails for 10 minutes and you will get to the very famous area for the perfect shot.

After visiting the 3 villages we headed back to Monterosso al Mare where we were fortunate enough to find two chairs and and umbrella for rent. By the time we arrived back here it was about 3:00pm and the beach was very full. We hung out by the water until it was time to take our train back to Milan.

For us this was the perfect day trip. We had enough time to experience each of the towns without the rush of a tour.

Hope you guys find this helpful and feel free to ask me any questions



Weekend Getaway: Boston

Hi everyone,

I am happy to share with you all my experience visiting Boston. I thought i’d be a good idea to give you my top things to do, rather than an itinerary!  I believe it is very hard to travel without doing some research and find it impossible to follow someone else’s schedule! We spent 4 days in this beautiful city and fell inlove. Little weekend getaway (Friday-Monday) was perfect for us! 


Hotel: I always book my hotels from Expedia and double check ratings on Tripadvisor. We stayed at the Godfrey hotel in the heart of the city! Besides being modern, stylish, and cozy, the hotel has a coffee shop and a restaurant. Can’t get better than that.

Things we enjoyed doing:

Boston Common Park: I was so excited to experience fall that we headed straight for Boston Common. This is what some people call the Central Park of New York. A park right in the center of the city with sky scrapers surrounding it! Just beautiful! 

Beacon Hill: The oldest neighborhood in Boston. We were mesmerized by the beautiful style of the houses and the fall decorations. They really go all out! Don’t forget to stop by Acorn street.

Boston Public Library: Yes, it is as pretty as they say! It made me feel like if i was inside a Harry Potter book! 

Samuel Adams Brewery:  If you are into beer like my hubby,  the Samuel Adams tour is a great option for you! I am not a huge beer drinker but I enjoyed the experience and tried a beer or two. Tour is free, if you feel nice you can donate to one of their charities! 

IMG_3870 (1).JPG

We also enjoyed the Cambridge/ Harvard Square. We were not able to do the Harvard tour but we walked the grounds.  Little Italy was full of life with lots of people walking and tons of restaurants! 

If you are looking for a weekend getaway this is the perfect place.

Hope you guys find this helpful!



Travel Must Haves

Hi Ladies,

Today I want to talk to you about those pieces I always take with me when I travel. Before heading to new destination I look for some inspiration to help create my looks wer, pinterest, instagram, google, tripadvisor. Do a little research and get to know about the places you will visit. This will also help you decide what to wear and what to take with you!

Here are the 5 pieces I can't travel without.

1. Sweater: Even if you are going to a tropical destination a sweater, or a jacket is always a most. Climate is a crazy thing and can change pretty fast . In some places temperatures tend to drop during the night time. I try to always take a day sweater and a night time jacket.

Madrid, Spain 2017. It was very cold when we arrived in Madrid! I was not expecting that! Thankfully had this jacket!

Madrid, Spain 2017. It was very cold when we arrived in Madrid! I was not expecting that! Thankfully had this jacket!

2. Tennis Shoes: I learned this the hard way. I took cute slip on's on last year’s trip to London. After wearing the slip ons all day I could't feel my feet. Thankfully I had brought a pair of tennis shoes.... I am not exaggerating they were the only thing I was able to wear the whole rest of my trip.

Kandersteg, Switzerland 2018. Wore sneakers with leggings for a comfy and chic look!

Kandersteg, Switzerland 2018. Wore sneakers with leggings for a comfy and chic look!

3. Jeans: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! I live in jeans, they are my go to piece of clothing. Of course sometimes I need to put them down, or my husband will refuse to go out with me lol. But honestly, jeans can easily be dressed up or down. They are easy to style and so comfy!

Prague, 2018. Wore jeans for a whole denim look!

Prague, 2018. Wore jeans for a whole denim look!

4. Heels: Take at least one pair. You never know what might come up while you are on the other side of the world. I usually opt for black or nude because they go with almost anything.

Madrid, Spain 2018. Heels for a night out with the hubs!

Madrid, Spain 2018. Heels for a night out with the hubs!

5. White Tee: This I something I recently added to my list. Some days you just want to throw on a white tee! Maybe a skirt, shorts, a dress over it, the possibilities are endless with a white tee. ( I always make sure to buy a new one right before I travel for a cleaner look).

Milan, Italy 2018. Paired a white tee with a bright color skirt!

Milan, Italy 2018. Paired a white tee with a bright color skirt!

What are some of travel must haves? I would love to hear from you!




After our trip to Greece I got tons of questions on how I planned my vacation. So here's how I do it!

 I always book my trips to Europe as a package from europeandestinations.com. Their packages are amazing and the prices are incredible. Best part, you can pay your package in parts! I used their website for the first time in 2014 and have used it every year after that.

How it works: Choose one of the itineraries they have already created ( for Greece could be Athens-Mykonos-Santorini) or create your own based on the islands you would like to visit.  The itinerary will most likely include flights, hotels, and transfers between islands. They can also help arrange excursions, and airport transfers. (For my vacation I booked my hotel in Santorini separately from my package). I simply removed the option European Destinations was giving me from my itinerary. I was still able to book the rest of my package without a problem.

Look at all the options the website is giving you in terms of the hotel, transfers, layovers, insurance, etc). Yes you have to do your homework! Know where in the island you would like to stay, the hotel's location, distance from airport, check out reviews for the hotel from different sources etc. All these details will make a difference on your experience and your pocket at some point.

 Hotel in Santorini: I had my heart set on a hotel a friend had recommended.  Katikies Hotel completely exceeded my expectations. We booked from Expedia months in advance and got a pretty good deal. Hotel is located right on Oia, has parking and breakfast included. We chose a standard room and got upgraded to a room with a private jacuzzi.

Tours: Remember you are an independent traveler when booking through European Destinations. You get to do as you wish once you have arrived to your destination. I like the idea of having everything planned out before traveling. I usually create a schedule and book activities & tours from home. I book all my tours, tickets to shows, excursions etc. through viator.com

Tips to stay on budget:

1. Travel in low season. Try visiting the places right before or after peak season. It makes a huge difference on the price. If you plan to travel during high season, book during the destination's low season. 

2. Plan your trip well in advance. With our anniversary in May, we choose to create new memories that month, meaning our dates are non-negotiable.  I start looking 5 to 6 months in advance in order to get the best prices. By booking in advance you are guaranteed a great deal however, things could change along the way. Flights can be cancelled, or re-scheduled. Be flexible to changes along the way. In my case I had several changes to my flights, they were all handled by European Destinations. I had to pay a few dollars more but it still did not compare to the money I was already saving.

3. Know when to book your trip. Be flexible when picking your flight, traveling on a Wednesday might be cheaper than picking a flight on Friday. Don't book your vacation on Monday morning, chances are everyone else is looking for a way to scape work and prices are up. I found to get better deals booking on a Wednesday or Thursday, late at night or during holidays.   

Hope this is helpful. I am not an expert by any means and this is not a sponsored post. This is just what has worked for me! 

Contact me if you have any questions. I will be happy to help you plan your trip!