The Journey To Short Hair

Hello everyone,

I am feeling so grateful today! After revealing my face on instagram without hair (that was hard), I have received so much love and support, I am at a lost for words!


Right after my second chemo my hair began to fall. Chunks of hair coming right off. I could not wash it, brush it, or even touch it, it would just come off. I felt like a shedding animal! My head began to hurt, it felt heavy on my shoulders, I just wanted to chop it off. I decided I was not going to sit and wait for my hair to fall off little by little. If I was going to have no hair, it was going to be on my terms! So I called in my team (husband and sister). The rest is history!

The hardest part of this process was preparing my 5 year old niece. I am not going to lie, I was scared… How is she going to react? Will she cry? Will she understand? She knows auntie is sick, but she does not know what it is.. How are we going to tell her? Finally, we began to introduce to her the idea that auntie was going to do something silly with her hair. We even showed her a picture of a girl with a bald head, she panicked a little, but then she thought it was funny! We explained to her that auntie was going to cut her hair for some time and then it was going to grow like Rapunzel’s. See, she loves princesses and we needed her to understand this is temporary, so what better way than to use princesses to help her process this. She was present at the moment and even laughed and took pictures of me. She still finds me funny and I am ok with that.


As for me, I am doing ok. I have learned to love the process… and honestly, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. My hair it’s still falling and will continue to do so until I am completely bald. But it will grow back and I am excited about the different stages it will go through before it gets back to the length I want it.