My Cancer Journey with Boy Meets Girl!

Hi Ladies,

Welcome back!!!! This is the beginning of a new chapter for All Things Aime. I am introducing the lifestyle part of this blog, were I will be sharing some personal stuff and more of my journey with cancer. I have teamed up with Boy Meets Girl to launch this new corner of the blog and I am forever grateful for their continued love and support!

Some of you might know that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This has completely changed my life! But I am here to fight and create awareness in the process.

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I have decided to share my cancer journey through my blog and social media account. I must confess, this was a hard decision to make. Are people going to judge me? Are they interested? Do they even care? Then I thought, what if my purpose is to share my story, to inspire women, to create awareness! I went back and forth for some time. Asked my family and friends. And well, here I am! Ready to share it all!


After choosing a bilateral mastectomy, I knew I was going to have some scars. My tumor was located right behind my areola, meaning my nipple would be compromised in the process. My lymph nodes needed to be biopsied and this required incisions right under my armpits. I was going to have 4 scars and this was a scary thing for me. I was terrified, not only about the surgery but having to deal with the scars afterwards. It has been two months since surgery today! I have finally decided to share my scars with the world.

Today I can say, I am so proud of these scars. Not only because my doctor did an amazing job, but because I have become stronger.   


ready to win!