Summer Staples From My Closet

Summer is here! And lets be honest, who has the budget to purchase all the new trends the season brings?

The truth is, a few years back, who am I kidding, a few months back I would of gone and purchased a whole new wardrobe for the summer. But times have changed, currently I check what I have before purchasing a new outfit.

Have you ever gone shopping in your closet lol, I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes we forget what we have, or at least I do. This time I decided to check what i had in my closet before going shopping.

Here are the pieces I found in my closet that I will be using again this summer.

 1. White summer dress: This is seriously one of my “every year” summer staples.. You will see me wearing the same dress from last year (if I manage to fit in it of course). Zara, Forever,  and Lulus,  all have a similar version of this dress!

2. White pants: I love everything white during the summer. So you need a pair of white pants, chances are, you already have a pair. You can find some here & here. American Eagle and Levis are my favorite jean brands. They have a pretty good selection on their websites.

3. Straw bag: Straw bags have been around for a while and I feel like they are still in this summer. If you already have one there is no need to invest in another one. In fact I had more than one and I plan on using them all this summer.

4. Flats: I will be using the same pair of sandals I was using last summer because they are still selling them at Nordstrom and I love them.