Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Hi Ladies,

So happy to have you back! I recently got invited to a summer wedding and I wanted to share some of the options I considered. The final choice I will be showing you next week on my instagram.

I have never been much of an online shopper but I must tell you lately I have been giving online a chance. Two years ago I went to a wedding in New York.  I got my dress last minute at a local Macys and boy was that a bad idea! I ended up having the same dress as another wedding guest. I know, every girl's nightmare! What are the chances that someone from New York would have the same dress I bought in Miami?? Well, it happened to me!!!!  I mean we both had great style and made a joke about it all night long. But I am not going to lie, I was a little disappointed! 

For me the most important thing a wedding guest should take into consideration are climate and location! An outdoor wedding has a different feel than an indoor wedding. I like to research the venue before to get a feel for the space.  Because this is a summer wedding I wanted something short and sexy but still elegant and classy! These were some of my choices!



Sexy and Flirty


This print gives the dress a summer feel while the colors make it easy to transition from the day festivities to the night. 

Pretty in Pink

Lace details make it feminine and elegant at the same time. With the right accessories this dress can easily be dressed up.

Lady in Red 

 This dress is simple and romantic. he flowiness of this dress makes is the perfect summer wedding attire.


Blushing in Summer 

Summer calls for pretty colors. This midi dress is elegant enough to go from an outdoor ceremony to an indoor reception.

 So when invited to a summer wedding remember the dress doesn't necessarily has to be expensive, it just needs to fit the elements surrounding you! I have linked all the dresses here and as you can see most of them are pretty affordable. The dress I choose I did not include on here but I will share with you all soon!