5 Ways to Polish Your Outfit

Looking our best takes time and effort. Sometimes even when we try, we forget small details that make our outfits look unfinished and quite messy. I have put together the 5 things I do to make sure I always look well put together!

1. Do your nails: If your gel mani is coming off.. please take the time to remove it. Nothing looks messier than nails that are undone. I am a believer that a clear top coat looks better than chipping nail polish. Toe nails are non negotiable, you need to have them done!

2. Iron/steam your clothes: I used to be one of those people but I was probably in my early 20's then. Right now I do not go anywhere without steaming or ironing my outfit. Ironed clothes gives a high end finish to an outfit!

3. Use a lint roller: Nothing looks messier than an outfit full of small fiber or animal fur. I always make sure to use a lint roller specially if wearing black. Gives your outfit a cleaner look!

4. Apply lotion: I was always that girl who would go out without putting lotion on (embarrassing). Until I began to realize ashy elbows and knees are not cute!

5. Remove hair ties: I am still guilty of this. I have the habit of wearing a hair tie on my wrist! This makes my outfit look unfinished! If you are not going to exercise you should not wear your hair tie as an accessory. I have to keep reminding my self of this one!

Ps: I like to switch it up from time to time so here is a minimalistic look from early Spring!  

Hope you guys enjoy it!!